OPMI Pico microscope: ‘The magnification, illumination and articulation are excellent; the photos are superb’

Endodontics Specialist Dr Anthony Druttman has two Central London UK practices that are totally devoted to treating root canals.  Dr Druttman recently invested in an OPMI Pico microscope from Nuview.

 The OPMI Pico is designed exclusively for the dental market by the world-renowned Carl Zeiss, and is a true advancement in the prevention of neck strain and back problems.  From a professional perspective, Dr Druttman was extremely impressed with its outstanding magnification capabilities, and the superb image quality of the photos he has taken whilst using the microscope in conjunction with a Sony video camera.

 ‘I purchased an OPMI Pico microscope from Nuview, to upgrade from an alternative microscope that I have been using in one of my practices since 1997. I already had considerable experience of Zeiss microscopes, having used one in my second practice for many years. The reason I decided to upgrade to a Zeiss microscope was because of the superb build quality. The magnification, illumination and articulation are excellent. Nuview as a company try very hard to give you exactly what you need, and their service is very good (the fourth factor in the decision making process). Having used the new microscope, I have absolutely no regrets about my decision.’